Data Science Competition


 $12,000 in total prize money

HireVue along with UHUG (Utah Hadoop Users Group, Utah's largest machine learning and data science group with nearly 80 members) is hosting a data science competition that will challenge the local data science community and declare the “Top Utah Data Scientist of 2014”.

1st place: $7,200 prize + "Smartest data scientist in Utah" award

2nd place: $3,600 prize + "2nd smartest data scientist in Utah" award

3rd place: $1,200 prize + "1st dumbest data scientist in Utah" award



This years problem is specific to semiconductor yield prediction and involves time series data and error type weighting but it is simple enough individuals can work on a single computer and contestants can be successful with a team of one (no unstructured data munging required). 

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On August 22nd 2014 the problem code will be made available with a git repository on this site so contestants can download and execute an example solution to the problem.

Questions can be emailed to

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